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Plan. Preapre. Survive Townsville Local Disaster Management Group 

Townsville Local Disaster Management Group

The Townsville Local Disaster Management Group is a joint management group comprising local and state government agencies that plan for all aspects of disaster mitigation, prevention, preparedness, and response. It also has plans in place for the recovery of our community in the event of a disaster.

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Queensland Disaster Management System

The Queensland Disaster Management System consists of three (3) levels:

  • Local Goverment, represented by the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG)
  • Disaster Districts, represented by the District Disaster Management Group (DDMG)
  • State Government, represented by the State Disaster Management Group (SDMG)

If a disaster occurs, the local government level is the first to respond because it is closest to the community and has a detailed knowledge of its environment.

When the LDMG expends its resources, assistance is sought from the district level. When the DDMG expends its resources, help is sought from State level and so on.

The Queensland State Disaster Management Plan takes a whole of government approach to disaster management arrangements. This plan details prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery arrangements and ensures cooperation between various agencies that play a role during disasters.

Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG)

Representatives from Townsville City Council, State Government and emergency authorities make up the Townsville Local Disaster Management Group (TLDMG) which is chaired by the Mayor of Townsville.

The Townsville Local Disaster Management Group is responsible to the DDMG for:

  • Developing disaster management arrangements and allocating responsibilities
  • Coordinating operations
  • Preparing disaster management plans for Townsville
  • Establishing and maintaining a local emergency service.

District Disaster Management Group (DDMG)

This group offers support and information to the local government level during disasters. The District Disaster Management Group (DDMG) consists of local governments in the Police District, State Government agencies and other bodies such as Telstra, Ergon and the Bureau of Meteorology.

The Queensland Police Service District Officer chairs this structure.

The DDMG is responsible to the State Disaster Management Group for:

  • Implementing disaster management policies
  • Co-ordinating operations in support of LDMGs
  • Preparing district disaster management plans.

State Disaster Management Group (SDMG)

As the peak group, the State Disaster Management Group (SDMG) provides the strategic framework for disaster management in Queensland. When required, its also provides resource support to disaster management groups at a local or district level.

The group is chaired by the Director-General of the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The SDMG is responsible for:

  • The coordination of resources
  • Providing advice to the Minister of Emergency Services.
  • Local Government - Awareness

State Emergency Service (SES)

The Townsville SES has an active membership of 200 volunteers. Townsville City Council is responsible for its establishment and maintenance. The SES also manages and co-ordinates resources in times of disaster.

Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ)

Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) is a branch of the Department of Emergency Services. EMQ provides the core staffing for the State Disaster Management Group, and under the Disaster Management Act 2003 is responsible for Queensland's disaster management arrangements.

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