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Rates and Charges 
Rates and charges 

Residential property owners receive a Rates Notice twice per year, usually in February and August. This notice includes their general rates charges and utilities charges (water, sewerage and rubbish collection) on the same notice.

Rates and Charges 2013/14

The second half yearly Rates notices will be issued by council in early February 2014 and are expected to arrive in letterboxes from 13 February. The second rates notice for the 2013/2014 financial year will include four tipping vouchers instead of three. The decision to issue seven tipping vouchers during the 2013/14 financial year was adopted by councillors during the 2013/14 budget process. 

Emergency Management Fire and Rescue Levy

The Emergency Management Fire and Rescue Levy (EMFRL) is a compulsory fee collected by council on behalf of the Queensland Government. The Emergency Management Fire and Rescue Levy replaces the former Urban Fire Levy and will be charged in addition to the Rural Fire Levy to applicable outlying properties serviced by the Rural Fire Brigades. This change is effective from 1 January 2014. 

The EMFRL goes towards providing voluntary service brigades with the financial resources to acquire and maintain fire fighting equipment and to qualify for state government subsidies.

From 1 January 2014 all Queensland households will pay Emergency Management Fire and Rescue Levy, even if they have never paid a Fire Levy in the past. This ensures a more sustainable funding base for emergency services and provides a response service to the community for a wide range of emergencies including floods, cyclones, storms, fire and accidents.

For more information visit the Queensland Fire and Rescue website.  

Rates Information

Includes ratepayer information including land valuations, payment methods, discounts, interest charges, pensioner concessions, differential rates charges, special charges and Frequently Asked Questions..

Townsville City Council Pensioner Concession

A concession is offered to Approved Pensioners equivalent to 85% of the general rate, up to a maximum of $800 per annum. This will apply only if all rates and charges levied for the 2013/14 financial year are paid in full by 31/05/2014. A concession will also be extended on a pro-rata basis to eligible pensioners receiving less than a maximum qualifying pension. The pro rata amount may be applied to the maximum $800. A fully completed Pensioner Application Form must be received by council before any council concession or state government subsidy is considered. When applications are approved,the pensioner concession and state government subsidy will commence in the current rating period.

Applications to backdate the commencement of the concession will be considered in accordance with council’s Pensioner Rates Concession Policy. The policy can be viewed here.

Owner Occupied Benefit

Council offers an owner-occupied benefit to owners who occupy their single dwelling/home unit as their principal place of residence. Owner occupied benefit applies to the general rate component and only to land held in the name of a natural person and does not apply to land held in Trust, Company, Firm, Corporate or other like legal entity ownership.

In circumstances where the postal address is not the same as the property address displayed on the rates notice and the owner occupies the single dwelling/home unit as their principal place of residence, an application for the owner-occupied benefit is required to be lodged with council on the prescribed form below.

2013/14 Utility Charges

Information about residential and commercial utility charges including water, wastewater, rubbish and recycling, and trade waste.

Water Opt in

Residential property owners have a choice in how they are billed for water. Residential ratepayers can change their water billing option during the opt-in period that will run each year. For 2013/14 the opt-in period will run from Thursday 8 August 2013 to Sunday 25 August 2013.


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