About Townsville2020

Townsville2020 is a masterplan that provides a clear roadmap for delivery.
New infrastructure and projects will be tailored to community needs to make our city an even better place to live and work - and at the same time making it more attractive to tourists.

Townsville2020 is the most transformative plan our city has seen and Council is determined to deliver on its commitments.

Why does Townsville need a new masterplan?

Townsville's economy is rebounding and the new masterplan provides a well-articulated vision for our city to give the private sector the confidence it needs to invest and create jobs.
Townsville2020 provides a guiding framework for future developments throughout the CBD and suburbs, enduring that proposed projects align with the vision for our city.
Major catalytic projects such as the $250 million North Queensland Stadium are already underway and will provide a key role in securing new developments in the precinct.
Townsville2020 will encourage the private sector to leverage off these major public investments and invest in new developments that align with the clear vision for our city.

Who is the City Placemaker/Masterplanner?

The City Placemaker ensures future developments and projects are consistent with the Townsville2020 vision. This includes private as well as public development.

How did the successful consultants win the project concepts?

Council undertook a Request for Quote (RFQ) process from several consultants for each project before awarding the job to the sucessful firm. It was a priority that local firms were included in the RFQ process.

What happens next?

The successful consultants will provide concepts and recommendations for each project. When the concepts for the projects have been accepted, the Townsville2020 implementation plan will be released, which will outline the planning and construction next steps.

Will there be job opportunities for locals?

Council has tailored the Townsville2020 masterplan to ensure that local businesses get the greatest opportunity to secure work on these projects - which will create more jobs for locals.
Projects have been broken up into individual work packages to allow local firms of all sizes to bid for pieces of work.
Council wants to ensure local businesses get a substantial slice of the projects included in Townsville2020 because we want to create jobs locally.