Projects in Townsville2020

The proposed projects in Townsville2020 focus on boosting the economy, benefiting the local community and attracting tourism to the region.

Stadium Precinct

The Stadium Precinct will be more than just a space for the North Queensland Cowboys. The precinct will include a high-end hotel, training field, Centre of Excellence and Rehabilitation, and student accommodation.

Visit the official North Queensland Stadium website.

Central Park and Dean Street Concept Plan

The Central Park and Dean Street Carpark Concept Design Report has now been finalised. The report provides short, medium and long-term options for what could be built on the site, such as arts and cultural facilities, commercial opportunities, improving public spaces and linking the Stadium Precinct to the heart of the CBD.

View the project page for further information.

Mount Louisa Open Space Masterplan

The Mount Louisa Open Space Masterplan will transform the area into one of Townsville’s most popular public spaces by allowing locals and visitors to take advantage of its spectacular vistas of our city and coastline.

View the project page for further information.

Flinders Lane

Townsville City Council has now endorsed plans to build Flinders Lane.

The Flinders Lane project will connect the heart of the CBD to the Bus Hub via a new laneway with retail stores and cafes. The old Sportspower building will be demolished and the laneway will integrate with the adjoining building and also provide new public toilet facilities for the inner city. Flinders Lane will create a crucial new pedestrian link between the Bus Hub and the CBD.

Castle Hill Concept Plan

Castle Hill is an iconic landmark offering spectacular 360-degree views over Townsville and our coastline. As one of Townsville’s most visited places, Castle Hill has great activation potential. The Castle Hill Concept Plan is part of the Townsville2020 masterplan and provides a clear vision for our city.

The Castle Hill Concept Plan is a strategic document created to guide the development on the hill and surrounding areas for the next 20 years.

View the project page for further information.

Townsville Lagoon

A key project for The Strand, a new lagoon.

The Townsville Lagoon will be the largest man-made pool in northern Australia providing the opportunity to swim all year round in Townsville’s most idyllic location. A crucial project making The Strand even more popular with locals and visitors, opening up new commercial opportunities in the area.

Riverway Splash Water Park

A new Splash Water Park has been proposed for Riverway as part of the Townsville 2020 Masterplan.

The Concept plan has now been endorsed by Council and examines ways to make the Riverway Lagoon more family friendly by upgrading facilities in the area.

View the project page for further information.

Townsville Entrance Statements

Townsville's suburbs will receive robust and drought resilient landscaped entry statements to green the city outside the CBD. Locally based Place Design and STP Engineering were the successful consultants for the design of the entry statements.