Kelly Street Development, Magnetic Island


Council conducted a community consultation session regarding the lodgement of a Development Application (MI17/0020) on Saturday 22nd July 2017. This application is for additional industrial land at 55 – 77 Kelly Street, Nelly Bay to service the Magnetic Island community.

More than 50 people attended the consultation session and 43 submissions were received in regards to the application. Council has taken into consideration the issues raised at the consultation session and has accordingly amended the proposed development. The amended proposal was then released to the community at the second community consultation session that was held on Saturday 4th August 2018. Approximately 50 people attended the second community consultation session.

Council would like to thank the community for participating in the informal consultation sessions and shaping the proposed changes for the development application which will now be made publically available for comment at the upcoming formal public notification period.

Public Notification

As required under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, formal public notification is required to take place for a period of 30 business days. This process involves publishing a notice in the newspaper, placing a notice on the land and providing a notice to the owners of all land directly adjoining the site.

The public notification period will commence on Friday 24 August and finish at 5pm on Friday 5 October 2018.

The Town Planning Report (Preliminary Approvals) and the Response to Information Request (which includes the amended proposed changes to the development) can be viewed and downloaded on ePlanning, council's online planning portal.