Magnetic Island Trails

Townsville City Council has prepared the Magnetic Island Trails Draft Vision Plan to create a high-quality trail network connecting Magnetic Island’s attractions. It is designed to enhance visitor experience and increase tourism opportunities for the island.

This project is a joint planning initiative between Council and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) with the aim to complete an interconnected trails network across Magnetic Island for the benefit of the local community, visitors to the island, and local and regional tourism as a whole.

This collaboration will benefit from a coordinated approach to the development of a fully interconnected trail network throughout the island that crosses tenures to link the island’s destinations, hubs and attractions.

Both QPWS and Council manage a number of established pathways and bushwalking tracks on the island. However, they are not well linked; especially where they cross tenures as the different agencies tend to treat them as individual pathways and bush walking tracks rather than part of a larger network. Visitors often have trouble finding the bushwalking tracks and often do not know where they exit. There are also several ‘missing links’ across the island that make the trail network hard to navigate, and in some places unsafe, where walkers are often forced to walk on the road.

The trails network is a major method of transport on the island for visitors and locals and stakeholder feedback has identified pathways and bushwalking tracks as an important part of the Magnetic Island experience.

Community feedback on the Vision Plan has now closed.

Magnetic Island Trails Draft Vision Plan (PDF, 7.7 MB)