Sport and Recreation Strategy

Council’s Sport and Recreation Strategy will provide prioritised infrastructure developments based on an understanding of actual Townsville sport and recreation trends. This includes open spaces (fields, courts, tracks, etc.), as well as infrastructure (clubhouses, change rooms, etc.).

Public consultation on the strategy has now closed, however the draft Sport and Recreation Strategy is anticipated to be completed and made public for further consultation in late October.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the Strategy the following definitions as per the Queensland Government Sport and Recreation Planning Program are being used:

Sport is a human physical activity involving physical exertion and skill as the primary focus of the activity, with elements of competition where rules and patterns of behaviour governing the activity exist formally through organisations and is generally recognised as a sport. 

(Active) recreation activities are those involving physical exertion where the primary focus is individual or group participation and enjoyment over elements of competition where rules and patterns of behaviour govern the activity. Active recreation does not include ‘active work’ or ‘active living’. For the purpose of this program, any reference to ‘recreation’ is defined as ‘active recreation’.

Activities that are not being considered in the strategy (based on the definitions above) include leisure activities such as fishing and recreational boating, as well as active transport and active living, which are or may be investigated by Council separately.