Inclusive Community Advisory Committee


The Inclusive Community Advisory Committee (ICAC) purpose is to be a peak body of community representatives to provide advice to Council on current and emerging social and community planning needs and opportunities, policy matters and to promote community leadership through a ‘collective impact’ approach.

The Inclusive Community Advisory Committee has been established in accordance with section 264 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 ("the Regulation").

Terms of Reference

The draft terms of reference describes the purpose and structure of the committee. It defines the scope of the committee detailing the committee's authority, composition and objectives, providing the framework for the committee's operations. The terms of reference also identifies the duties and responsibilities of members and the chair, the terms of membership, roles and responsibilities, meeting information and conduct requirements.

How else can you be involved?

To encourage and support an inclusive approach to this committee, the meetings will be open to the general public to observe discussions. Both members of the committee and the general public have the opportunity to submit agenda items for consideration below.

Submit an agenda item

Agenda item requests are to be submitted at least 4 weeks before the meeting for assessment and investigation by the ICAC Meeting Facilitator for addition to the ICAC agenda. Items received after the agenda deadline will be assessed for the next advisory committee meeting.

Agenda items can be submitted online.

2019 Meeting schedule, agendas and reports

Meeting date Agenda closing dateLocationAgendaReports
6 February - cancelled 7 January Townsville Stadium
40-48 Murray Lyons Crescent, Annandale
List of Agenda Items
(PDF, 426.7 KB)
3 April 4 March Townsville Stadium, Skyboxes 4 & 5, Murray Lyons Crescent, AnnandaleList of Agenda Items
(PDF, 421.0 KB)
(PDF, 872.3 KB)
5 June 6 May Townsville Stadium, Skyboxes 4 & 5, Murray Lyons Crescent, AnnandaleList of Agenda Items
(PDF, 451.4 KB)
(PDF, 686.5 KB)
7 August 8 July Townsville Stadium, Skyboxes 4 & 5, Murray Lyons Crescent, AnnandaleList of Agenda Items
(PDF, 552.1 KB)
2 October 2 September Townsville Stadium, Skyboxes 4 & 5, Murray Lyons Crescent, Annandale  
4 December 4 NovemberTownsville Stadium, Skyboxes 4 & 5, Murray Lyons Crescent, Annandale 

Archived Meeting schedule, agendas and minutes


Applications have now closed and recruitment has been finalised. Membership information will be provided on this webpage shortly. Opportunities for membership do come up, if you are interested in finding out more about becoming a member please contact


The committee develop initiatives that aim to encourage inclusion of everyone within the community.

  • Neighbourhood Party Kit, is intended to assist community members to host neighbourhood parties. The kit provides practical advice and suggestions on things that need to be considered when hosting a Neighbourhood Party. It also contains tools and templates that assist in hosting your event.
  • Neighbourhood Garden program, involves the installation of wicking beds (self-watering garden beds) that are low maintenance and easy care gardens that are efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly food production beds that are suitable in the urban dry tropics like Townsville.

For more information please contact the councils Customer Service team on 13 48 10.