Standing Committees

The Standing Committees enable complex or strategic issues to be discussed at length without the time constraints normally imposed at an Ordinary Meeting of Council. They allow our Councillors to specialise in particular functions of Council and can utilise the particular knowledge and skills they may bring to Council.

Committees conduct much of the investigative and detailed work leading towards a recommendation to Council to enable an informed decision to be made.

Agendas for the Standing Committees below are available to view on our Meeting Schedules, Agendas and Minutes page.

Terms of reference

Define the scope of the committee detailing the committee's authority, composition and objectives, providing the framework to the committee's operations. The terms of reference also identify the duties and responsibilities of members and the chair, the term of membership, requirements for a quorum, reporting requirements of the committee and matters concerning conflicts of interest.

Standing Committee schedule

The Standing Committee meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of the month March to November 2022.

Standing committee meetings are scheduled to commence at 9am in the following order:

  • Planning and Development Committee
  • Community and Cultural Development Committee
  • Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee
  • Infrastructure Services Committee
  • Water and Resource Recovery Committee
  • Business Services and Finance Committee

Each committee will commence 15 minutes after the preceding committee concludes with the exception of one 30 minute break to commence after the committee finishing closest to 12pm.