Cr Fran O'Callaghan

Cr Fran O'Callaghan Contact Details

Business phone: 13 48 10
Mobile phone:  0418 297 134
Email: fran.o'


Committee Member

  • Planning and Development
  • Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability

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Council divisions were reviewed by the Local Government Change Commission in 2019, with the boundary changes commencing at the March 2020 elections.

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Cr O’Callaghan was born and raised in London of Irish parents. She travelled to Australia in 1991 after completing her education and met her husband on a grazing property in Richmond, NW Queensland. In 1996 they moved to a property near Woodstock on which they still live and breed beef cattle. Cr O’Callaghan also worked in the public and private sector as a Quantity Surveyor in Townsville for many years.