Cr Sue Blom

Cr Sue BlomContact Details

Business phone: 13 48 10
Mobile phone: 0435 260 342


Committee Member

  • Community and Cultural Development
  • Business Services and Finance
  • Townsville Water and Waste


  • Australian Local Government Women’s Association
  • North Queensland Competitive Employment Services

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Council divisions were reviewed by the Local Government Change Commission in 2019, with the boundary changes commencing at the March 2020 elections.


Sue Blom has worked and lived in the Northern Beaches of Townsville since 1976, prior to this Sue grew up in Currajong.

Sue served 2 terms as a Councillor in Local Government from 2008 until 2016, representing the then Division 1 area of the Northern Beaches of Townsville.

Sue is a third generation Townsvillian and loves the city she lives, works and plays in.

Sue is committed to her community and is looking forward to achieving outcomes as the Councillor for Division 2.

Sue is married to Derek, has two adult children, and has 8 grandchildren.