March 2024 Local Government Elections Electoral Signage Reminder

This information is a reminder of the approaches taken by the Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) regarding the placement of electoral signage for the 2024 Townsville Local Government election.

Electoral signage is any sign or device that identifies candidates, individually or as a part of a team or political party, for the 2024 Townsville Local Government election.

The Council and DTMR recognise the community value of electoral signage and seek to regulate signage as little as possible while promoting community safety and amenity, and protecting public assets.

Council-Controlled roads and land

Council does not require an application for approval of electoral signage, and will not take action in respect of, electoral signage provided that:
1. Electoral signs are not erected:

  • in locations where they may constitute a hazard to pedestrians or vehicle traffic, for example when the sign is erected on a private fence or in a private yard but the sign blocks safe lines of sight for road users or unreasonably obstructs pedestrian traffic;
  • on a structure that has itself been unlawfully placed or erected on public or private land in contravention of the Townsville City Plan (for example, on shipping containers);
  • anywhere in council-controlled land, including for example:
    • all council-controlled roads including median strips and footpaths (signs on fences of private property adjoining council-controlled land are permitted provided that they are not a hazard as discussed in paragraph 3 below);
    • on structures or objects within council-controlled roads such as traffic islands, traffic sign posts, electricity poles, trees and the like; and
    • all parkland;

2. Electoral signs are removed by 7am on 25 March 2024.

Any sign located on or near Council-controlled roads or land that does not comply with these requirements may be taken down and confiscated by Council without notice as resources permit.

State-Controlled roads

The Department of Transport and Main Roads does allow electoral signage to be placed within State-controlled road reserves if a self-assessment is carried out to ensure the signage complies with the conditions set out at

This means that signs displayed on State-controlled roads must:

  • not be located on traffic islands, centre medians or roundabouts or on a motorway or freeway
  • not be attached to trailers or vehicles parked for the purpose of displaying election signs
  • not be attached to trees, vegetation, or structures such as road signs, guardrails, light or power poles
  • not distract motorists, restrict sight distances on intersection approaches, obscure road traffic signs or otherwise affect safety
  • not hold up the flow of traffic, hang over the road or interfere with the road’s operation (including a person holding or waving an election sign)
  • not obstruct pedestrians or cyclists
  • not rotate, be illuminated, or contain moving images, or use reflective or fluorescent materials
  • not resemble a traffic control device.
  • be no larger than 0.6m2 and be securely attached but freestanding and easily broken, having a timber stake or frame that is easily broken with a maximum cross-section measurement of 55mm x 25mm
  • be located parallel to and as close as possible to the property boundary, and at least:
    • 3.5m from the edge of the nearest traffic lane on roads where the speed limit is 80km/h or less; and
    • 6m from the edge of the nearest traffic lane on roads where the speed limit is more than 80km/h
  • not proliferate along a property boundary – that is, multiple identical signs are not permitted at a location.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads manages compliance with its requirements about electoral signage.