30 Year Job Pipeline

Council is investing up to $18.5 million in a deal struck with Adani, which will guarantee hundreds of new jobs, and a $90 million boost in annual economic activity, over 30 years.

Economic Boost

As a result of this deal, Townsville will receive the most significant economic boost in decades. Council’s investment will go towards building a new central Queensland airstrip, which will service fly-in-fly-out workers and provide an economic activation catalyst for Australia’s rich Galilee basin. KPMG has also estimated a positive impact of over $2 Billion over 30 years, which will create commercial flow-ons for businesses.

Job Opportunities

The financial deal struck between Townsville City Council and Adani will provide the Townsville region with hundreds of jobs over a guaranteed 30 year commitment. This includes:

  • 150 ongoing Adani Headquarter jobs
  • 750 ongoing fly-in-fly-out jobs
  • 1,200 jobs during construction

Revenue to the City

Council will fund and operate a new Drug and Alcohol testing facility at Townsville Airport for workers travelling to the mine site on a fee for service basis. This will provide $1.5M direct revenue to be collected by council on behalf of ratepayers.

For further information please read the Jobs bonanza for Townsville media release.