CBD Revitalisation

Townsville's Central Business District is the primary services and commercial hub for North Queensland, contributing more than $1 billion annually to the region's economy.

The CBD is currently undergoing a revitalisation incomparable to any in the city's history. Led by council in partnership with industry groups, the revitalisation has stimulated hundreds of millions of dollars of new investment into Townsville's city centre.

The revitalisation is guided by the Townsville CBD Master Plan which identifies the following key city projects and incentive programs:

CBD Revitalisation is a core element of Townsville's Economic Development Framework. The programs and projects pursued under the Townsville CBD Master Plan have propelled inner-city growth to levels that have received national recognition and attracted numerous state and national planning and development awards.

Download Townsville's CBD Report (2.47MB)

Townsville Jobs and Investment Package

Council is committed to developing the Townsville CBD, with a target of 30,000 people living and working in the CBD by 2030.

Council has developed the Townsville Jobs and Investment Package 2015-2018 which, along with the new Townsville City Plan, Townsville City Waterfront Priority Development Area and The Waterfront Promenade Project, is assisting to attract and facilitate development in our city centre.

Financial Incentives

The purpose of financial incentives is to encourage and bring forward CBD development consistent with the creation of a vibrant major regional city.

Applications for consideration under the Townsville Jobs and Investment Package are invited from 1 April 2015, with concessions available to eligible projects from 1 July 2015.

To be considered eligible, the projects will be associated with specific uses, located in the CBD, involve construction cost above $3 millon, and be complete by 30 June 2018.

Placemaking Initiatives

In addition to the above financial concessions detailed above, the Townsville Jobs and Investment Package introduces placemaking strategies in order to foster urban renewal, increasing activation levels and encouraging community participation. The growing vibrancy improves the desirability of the CBD as a location, and will lead to increasing population living and working in the CBD, and to greater investment levels in the city centre.

Fee Waiver for CBD Events

Council is encouraging groups and businesses to host community events and festivals in the inner city by waiving hire fees.

Need more information? Please contact us on investtownsville@townsville.qld.gov.au.