Heritage Information

Properties that have been identified as having heritage significance are listed in Schedule 7 Places of cultural heritage value in Townsville City Plan.

In terms of heritage, Townsville is an important city with a uniquely Australian tropical character. The Townsville City Council, through the Heritage and Urban Planning Unit, recognises the city's character, identity and image is critically linked to its older buildings and seeks to encourage and assist owners of such buildings in restoring and sympathetically altering these historic buildings.

Despite the changes in the built environment, places reflecting the city's development and evolution as a provincial centre remain. Properties that have been identified as having heritage significance are listed in Schedule 7 Places of Cultural Heritage Value in the Townsville City Plan.

The Heritage and Urban Planning Unit also conducts a series of programs which aim to enrich the character of Townsville and the lives of its residents.

  • Architectural Advisory Service To encourage and assist building owners to restore and undertake sympathetic alterations to historic buildings the Council has established an Architectural Advisory Service of local architects administered through the Heritage and Urban Planning Unit and the Heritage Officer.
  • Community Heritage Grants ProgramThe Community Heritage Grants Program aims to develop conservation strategies for places of significance, undertake conservation work to significant places, undertake research projects enlarging the body of knowledge about a particular topic of Townsville's history and results in publication, and undertake the conservation of artefacts held in a public collection. Click here for further grant information

The Townsville and Thuringowa councils merged in 2008 to become one council under the title Townsville City Council. Prior to this amalgamation, both cities had a distinct but interconnected history.

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Heritage and Character Housing Information Guide

Through its Heritage and Character Housing Information Guide the Heritage and Urban Planning unit of Townsville City Council provides a community service to air in the conservation of the city's heritage places.

The guide covers:

  • Conserving the Townsville house
  • Tracing the history of your house
  • Alterations and additions to your house
  • Fences, gardens and verandahs.

Further heritage information sheets are available on the Information Sheets page in Town Planning, which provide information on Schedule 7 Places of cultural heritage value, as well as local exemption certificates.

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