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Following the Australian Government’s new social distancing restrictions, Council has made the decision to close a number of following facilities to the public in order to help slow the spread of coronavirus effective from 6pm, Wednesday 25 March 2020.

To find out what venues are currently closed please view our Venues, Locations & Opening Hours page.

Townsville City Council has added additional measures to the multimillion-dollar support package targeted at providing extra support to small businesses feeling the effects of COVID-19.

These measures could be worth up to $30 million.

$30 Million Operational Package

14-day payments

Businesses that have undertaken work for Council are urged to submit their invoices for receipting, processing and payment as soon as possible. Our finance team will do everything it can to process payments and target paying these invoices within fourteen days.

Major project contract distribution

Part of the package to support local businesses, Council will also be looking to break up work packages – like the way the Water Pipeline contracts were tendered in 2018 – to allow more contractors to secure work on Council projects.

Promoting small business

On the back of the advice from the Federal Government’s decision to cancel all non-essential services Townsville City Council is encouraging all residents to do their part in supporting local businesses wherever possible over the coming months. This support can range from buying gift vouchers to be used at a later date if you need to cancel appointments, buying food from businesses that are now offering takeaway options and supporting your local corner store, independent / locally owned produce suppliers.

Council will help advertise and share the incredible innovation from our small businesses. Council encourages our community to continue to support local Townsville business.

$2.29 million Support Package

A $2.29 million support package has been created to assist the community and local businesses to provide relief from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council will offer the following relief initiatives –

Rate extensions

Townsville City Council understands the hardships residents are going through due to the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Townsville City Council will further help families and businesses directly impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic by providing those ratepayers an extra three month extension on any supplementary rates notice received from 23 March 2020 until 30 June 2020.

Council will consider providing a further three month rates extension on rates notices distributed in August 2020 (the next half yearly rates notice of 2020 calendar year).

If any ratepayers have been severely impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, and experiencing financial hardship, please contact Council to discuss individual payment plans on 13 48 10.

FREE carparking in the CBD

All Council-controlled (including on-street) parking will be free in the CBD for the period of 25 March until 30 June 2020.

Free parking is a great way to bring visitors into the CBD and encourage them to shop local.

Applicable to all Council pay and display areas, however time restrictions still apply and will be enforced.


Until 30 June 2020, Council will provide a rebate on its adopted charges by setting fees and charges payable to the Townsville City Council for that period (including the pro rata portion of any annual fee):

(a) under the Food Act 2006 at $0.00, and when those fees have already been paid,  providing an appropriate credit towards future fees; and

(b)  for outdoor dining and temporary food stall approvals at $0.00, and when those fees  have already been paid, providing an appropriate credit towards future fees.

(Please note refunds of the credit amount will not be given).

Events and venues

Townsville City Council will refund the hiring and other fees associated with the proposed use of any Townsville City Council venue that is unable to proceed because of the coronavirus control measures.

TicketShop will refund all tickets for shows at the Civic Theatre that have been cancelled because of the coronavirus control measures.

Review Date

This support package will be reviewed in June 2020.

These initiatives are critical to ensuring as many of Townsville’s small businesses can remain as operational as possible. Council is rolling out these measures to help alleviate some of the hardship being felt by our small businesses as we manage the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Townsville Council staff have been tasked with exploring every opportunity to assist our community and our local businesses.

Contact us

Council’s Future Cities team are here to support businesses during this challenging period, please contact us through 13 48 10.