Townsville Shines

These are unprecedented times, and they are tough ones.  Let's band together as a community, support local businesses, show a little kindness, check-in, get active, connect and learn.

Council has implemented a helpdesk to assist the community in related questions and information on COVID-19. The team is ready to chat and support you to find the right information from the right government authority regarding all things COVID-19 related.

Hotline to report complaints relating to breaches of COVID restrictions  - 134 COVID

Call 4727 9666 Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

This & So Much More Outside Your DoorThis & So Much More Outside Your Door video competition

Council is encouraging locals to explore the hidden gems right here in Townsville. Our winter is the perfect time to get out and explore what is right here in our backyard.

Show your creativity by submitting a video of your favourite spot around Townsville for your chance to win one of 11 prizes.

Enter now!