Basics Blitz

Council is blitzing Townsville’s suburbs with a major works campaign to make the city shine this summer.

Our cleaning crews are on the road every day, fixing, filling, mowing, and much more. Commencing November 11 and running through to December 15, this dedicated program will operate 7 days a week as an extension to our regular works activity.

Crews will be working their way through the suburbs and into the CBD to give Townsville a much deserved spruce up.

The work will involve added cleaning, repairing and fixing of any problems on council land across the city and includes things like:

Tree pruning/removal; Mowing/slashing; Water leaks; Litter/ Illegal dumping/ dead animal/ graffiti removal; Pothole repair; Signage repairs; Footpath minor repairs; Street sweeping etc

If you have seen something that needs repair or a good tidy up get involved by filling out a work request below.

Join the Basics Blitz – and let’s spruce-up for summer.

Schedule of Works

Crews will be starting from the outer suburbs and working their way in to the CBD to give Townsville a much deserved spruce up.

Find out what areas our crews will be working in below.

Frequently Asked Questions