Nelly Bay Marina Maintenance Works

Goal4. A sustainable destination that embraces and participates in the arts, sports, events and recreational activities.
Strategic PurposeThe works will remove built-up sediment around the pontoons at the Nelly Bay Marina to facilitate the safe use of the pontoons and vessel movement in the harbour. The works have been scheduled to have the harbour ready in time for the influx of boats expected for September’s Sealink Magnetic Island Race Week event.
StatusPreliminary works completed

Townsville City Council is conducting maintenance works to Magnetic Island’s Nelly Bay Marina to ensure this important infrastructure, the entrance to Townsville’s prime tourism destination, remains in quality condition for the safe and enjoyable use for our community and visitors.

The project will ensure that all pontoons will be in full working order for September’s Sealink Magnetic Island Race Week event, allowing for maximum participation and the smooth delivery of this iconic event that draws a multitude of visitors to our city every year.

The works involve the removal of the sediment build-up around the pontoons in the marina, which is currently blocking vessels from safely accessing the pontoons and impeding the safe movement of vessels in the harbour.

The sediment removal area is estimated to be 20m x 20m and will temporarily affect access to approximately 10 mooring locations.

Preliminary works commenced on 11 August 2022 and were completed 15 August 2022.