Picnic Bay Landfill Rehabilitation

Council is committed to a sustainable future where our environment is valued. Importance is placed on the protection and enhancement of our unique, natural and built environment, with a commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

The Picnic Bay Landfill recently ceased to receive waste. Townsville Waste Services is soon to commence works to ensure the rehabilitation of the site in line with Council’s general environmental duty and the regulatory requirements of the site’s license.

Why is Picnic Bay landfill closed?

The landfill has reached capacity and there is no more space available for additional rubbish. Landfilling on Magnetic Island is no longer required due to the operation of the Magnetic Island Waste Transfer Station.

What happens now?

Now the landfill is closed, Townsville Waste Services will commence a staged rehabilitation process for the landfill. All island waste is now being managed through the transfer station.

What is the timeframe for the rehabilitation works?

Planning Phase2015/2016
Design Phase2016/2017
Construction Phase2017/2019
Final Phase2019/2020

What to expect during the closure of the landfill.

Rehabilitation is a staged process and takes time to ensure it is undertaken properly and in accordance with industry guidelines.

Council is about to commence shaping the landfill and placing a temporary cap and stormwater management system to protect the site. While it may seem like the rehabilitation works is complete at this point, this is not the case. The final capping system will be completed in June 2018.

Activities associated with the rehabilitation of the site may involve noise, odour, and dust; however council will take all actions necessary throughout the process to manage these impacts.

Picnic Bay Landfill Rehabilitation Project Fact Sheet (PDF, 186.5 KB)