Rural Roads Grading Program

Council is committed to maintaining and upgrading Townsville's roads, parks, drains, sewer, water networks and buildings along with all associated infrastructure.

The unsealed road network in Townsville consists of over 105 individual roads totalling 184km. The shape and surface condition of the unsealed road is continually changing depending on climate and traffic conditions. Council's Maintenance Services Department undertake an annual regrading program. This program is based on the priority needs of the roads resulting from inspections completed twice a year.

During some periods of the year, depending on how dry the weather is, the unsealed roads network will become dusty.  We appreciate your patience during these periods. In addition to the regrading program, when the network is deemed unsafe, Council will carry out maintenance where required.

If you have any queries involving this project please contact Maintenance Services on 13 48 10.