Smart Parking Meters

Investment$1.2 million
Goal 1. A city that connects you to what you need at the time you choose.
Strategic PurposeDeliver value for ratepayers by the approach Council takes to manage parking meters. This means replacing these assets at the end of their useful life.

Project Overview

Townsville’s current parking meters have reached the end of their serviceable life after 12 years. The meters are outdated, prone to failure and require parts from overseas companies which are near impossible to obtain.

As part of the Smart Townsville Plan, and with the asset replacement cycle, Council investigated parking technology options for the CBD.

Council has found industry innovations to make finding and paying for parking in Townsville as easy and efficient as possible.

In 2021, Council issued a call for expressions of interest (EOI) to understand what products would be available to renew the parking meters.

Council has engaged Australian-owned-and-based company Duncan Solutions to provide the new meters.

The replacement meters will be solar powered with a built-in solar panel, will have a 17cm colour touch screen LED display with remote update of messages available and will operate on the mobile phone network.

A complementary smart device app will allow people to pay for their parking without needing to go to the meter.

Using a vehicle’s number plate as the identifier means printed tickets will no longer be required to be displayed on vehicles.

Fees for parking in Townsville have not changed in 11 years and will not change with the installation of these replacement meters.

For more information on CBD parking, visit Parking Zones and Charges.

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