William Angliss & Merv Crossman

Traffic Detour Map for Stage 2b Project Snapshot

Mervyn Crossman/William Angliss intersection is now open to traffic, please drive carefully as there are still construction activities on the side of the road.

A major upgrade of the intersection of William Angliss Drive and Mervyn Crossman Drive in Annandale is underway to improve long-term traffic flows through the busy arterial route.

The area is an access point to William Ross State High School, Southern Cross Catholic College and the Murray Sports Complex.

The project will be completed in two stages that will help ease congestion; improve connectivity to schools and sporting fields; and provide drivers and pedestrians with safer conditions.

The first stage of works is now complete. Stage 2 of the works started on 6 March 2017 and anticipated to be completed by June 2017.

Stage 2 works will involve:

  • increasing the number of lanes at the intersection;
  • installing traffic lights;
  • lifting the roundabout to mitigate flooding

Walking paths will remain accessible throughout Stage 2. Download the latest traffic detour information below which also details a safe pedestrian pathway and crossing.



The project is jointly funded by the Australian Government and council.

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