Mosaic Mapping Service

Council has four mapping services available to the public.

Premium Service

A subscription based service providing access to a wealth of council information. You can access our Premium Service here.

Education Service

A subscription based service for local schools to access information about their local community and to support the Spatial Technologies in Schools initiative. You can access our Education Service here.

Community Service

Providing the Townsville community with a selection of free mapping service including Community Services, Historical Townsville and Property Services. You can access our Community Service here.

Flood Mapping Service

This service allows users to review online flood mapping to assist in assessing the risk of flood in their area, examine flood extents and determine flood levels for building and development works. You can access our Flood Mapping Service here.

Townsville City Plan

Council is proud to present the Townsville City Plan, which was formally adopted by council on 13 October 2014, and is the first planning scheme for the amalgamated city. The Townsville City Plan can be viewed via ePlanning and Townsville City Plan Interactive Mapping Service. View the interactive mapping capabilities and the City Plan here.

For registration or technical assistance please contact Geospatial Solutions on 1300 878 001.

Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the links below or scroll down through the full list of typical questions and answers relating to our Mosaic Mapping Services. If you still require technical assistance please contact Geospatial Solutions.

Mosaic User Guide (PDF 1MB)