Superseded planning schemes

Please note: Council is now operating under the Planning Act 2016, which supersedes the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. For more information on the Act and how this may affect you, view council's Planning Reform page.

A superseded planning scheme and its policies are what was in place immediately before the new planning scheme (Townsville City Plan) was adopted. The initial version of the Townsville City Plan took effect on 27 October 2014. Since this time, several amendments to it have been made.

In accordance with the Planning Act 2016, a person may request council to assess a development proposal under the relevant superseded Townsville City Plan version. The request may be made within one year of the date the previous version took effect. The request must be accompanied by the relevant form and fee.

Superseded planning schemes

You can still view council's superseded planning schemes in ePlanning, but you can no longer make an application under them.

Townsville City Plan 2005City of Thuringowa Planning Scheme 2003
The City Plan 2005 applies to the area previously under the control of the Townsville City Council.The City of Thuringowa Planning Scheme 2003 applies to the area previously under the control of the Thuringowa City Council.