Water Sensitive Urban Design

The implementation of Water Sensitive Urban design (WSUD) has been identified as an important step in protecting aquatic ecosystems in the Townsville region from the impacts of development.


The ‘Coastal Dry Tropics Water Sensitive Urban Design - Technical Design Guidelines’ describe appropriate methods for the detailed design of structural stormwater management measures in the Coastal Dry Tropics. The guidelines are intended as a detailed design tool, applicable in the mid to latter stages of the urban development process (i.e. preparation of operational works applications including monitoring and maintenance schedules).

The guidelines are based on the Healthy Waterways Partnership WSUD Technical Design Guidelines for South East Queensland (v1, June 2006), however, the chapters and worked examples have been specifically rewritten to address the particular adaptations required for effective operation in the Coastal Dry Tropics climate. The guidelines identify the appropriate design flows for use in sizing stormwater management measures (e.g. sediment basins and swales), design adaptations for constructed wetlands and bio retention systems required in response to the seasonal rainfall patterns and any other requirements to sustain vegetation and to meet best practice stormwater treatment objectives.

Fact Sheets

A series of 7 fact sheets have been developed to provide general advice on key considerations for the application of WSUD in the Townsville Coastal Dry Tropics. The fact sheets will assist in concept planning and preliminary lot layout and in the early planning stages of preparing a Material Change of Use (MCU) or a Reconfiguration of Lot (ROL) application. The fact sheets will benefit planners, urban designers, landscape architects, civil and landscape contractors, asset managers and can also be used for general communication and education purposes.

WSUD Concepts and Terminology (PDF 195.5 KB)

Provides definitions of the technical terms used in the ‘Water Sensitive Urban Design - Technical Design Guidelines for the Townsville Coastal Dry Tropics Region’.

WSUD as Best Management Practices (PDF 1.1 MB)

Provides an introduction to WSUD as best management practice for storm water management; an overview of primary, secondary and tertiary treatment measures; and a guide to the application and effectiveness of different treatment measures. Includes an outline of how these measures can be used in treatment trains to achieve the desired stormwater treatment outcomes and the opportunities and constraints for applying each of the treatment measures.

WSUD in the Townsville Coastal Dry Tropics (PDF 2.0 MB)

Provides advice on applying WSUD in the Townville Coastal Dry Tropics Region. It includes an overview on the techniques and principles of applying WSUD; an outline of the benefits and an explanation of how constructed wetlands and bioretention systems can be applied to achieve best practice stormwater treatment.

Site Planning & Urban Design (PDF 908.6 KB)

Provides advice on developing an integrated and collaborative approach to applying WSUD in the Townsville Coastal Dry Tropics Region. It includes an outline of key considerations and processes required during site planning and conceptual design to successfully integrate WSUD principals and practices with the urban form. This fact sheet is intended to guide the establishment of a collaborative design team and gives guidance on how to apply WSUD principles to a range of site conditions.

WSUD in Industrial and Commercial Sites (PDF 1.2 MB)

Describes the key considerations and provides a guide to the process of designing an industrial or commercial site to minimise stormwater pollution and to manage the changes in hydrology resulting from this type of development. This fact sheet provides case studies to demonstrate the process and application of WSUD in industrial and commercial sites.

WSUD in Car Parks (PDF 1.5 MB)

Provides an overview of the techniques and principles of WSUD in car parks; identifies the benefits and opportunities and provides a case study to demonstrate how to apply WSUD principles to car parks.

Porous Pavement (PDF 595.7 KB)

Provides advice on using porous pavemenet as part of a WSUD strategy in the Townsville Coastal Dry Tropics region. This fact sheet includes an overview of porous pavement types, key design considerations and construction and maintenance issues.