Lodging an Application

Once you have prepared your application and ensured it is well and properly made, the next step is to lodge it with council.

How to lodge

There are several ways to lodge your development application to council:

Application fees

Application fees will apply.

To calculate your application fee, refer to the Fees and Charges schedule.

What happens after I lodge?

After you lodge your application, your application's assessing officer will contact you. You will have the opportunity to communicate with them throughout the assessment of your application.

Application part

The first step in assessing an application is to check if the application is properly made. Properly made requirements are regulated by Section 51 Making development applications of the Planning Act 2016.

If the application is not properly made, you will receive an action notice identifying items to be addressed. If the application is properly made, the confirmation period ends and the next stage will commence. A confirmation notice may be sent at this stage to end Part 1: Application stage.

Referral part

Where the state has legislative interest in the application, the state must assess the development application. State government referrals are assessed by the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA). This is Part 2: Referral stage.

Information request part

The assessment officer will then commence the assessment of the application against relevant legislation, planning scheme codes and policies and the State Planning Policy. You may have to provide further information if there is insufficient information to allow a decision to be made. This is Part 3: Information request stage.

Public notification part

If the application has the assessment level of Impact Assessable, at this point you will have to undertake public notification. In this instance, you can refer to Chapter 3, Section 53, Publicly notifying certain development applications of the Planning Act 2016 to identify the requirements for public notification.

Decision part

Code assessable applications will generally be decided under delegated authority within the Planning Section. Impact assessable applications may require full Council approval, otherwise they will be decided under delegated authority.

Once this is completed, a decision notice will be sent to you to let you know the outcome of your application.

Read the Development Assessment Process information sheet to find out more.

What to expect next

A decision notice may contain conditions requiring you to obtain further approvals or compliance assessment.

Infrastructure charges

Infrastructure charges are levied against developers by Council when a development assessment incurs trunk infrastructure costs. Trunk infrastructure is the key infrastructure that provides support to the Townsville area, including sewer, water supply, transport and parks. Your development application may trigger infrastructure charges, even if it is accepted development. For more information, visit our Infrastructure Charges page.

Standard conditions

A successful application is approved subject to conditions. The more common conditions imposed by Council have been standardised to provide the industry with consistent and acceptable outcomes.