Fast tracked applications (Plan Right)

Please note: Council is now operating under the Planning Act 2016, which supersedes the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. For more information on the Act and how this may affect you, view council's Planning Reform page.

What is Plan Right?

Plan Right is an accelerated assessment initiative that is a simple and faster way to progress low risk development applications.

By becoming an accredited consultant, representatives within the development industry have the opportunity to a more hands-on approach in the development assessment process, provided the proposed development is low risk.

Council also aims to decide on the application quickly - usually within five business days.

For further information regarding Plan Right please see our FAQ guide below.

Plan Right - Plan Seal

What is Plan Seal?

Plan Seal is a component of Plan Right which allows accredited consultants to obtain early released survey plans from council for their clients.

For further information regarding Plan Seal please see our FAQ guide below.