Plan Seal

Who can participate in the Plan Right - Plan Seal process?

Suitably qualified development industry representatives which may include planning consultants, surveyors and consulting engineers can participate by attaining Plan Right - Plan Seal accreditation.

As an accredited consultant under the Plan Right - Plan Seal initiative, you can offer your clients certainty with regard to reduced timeframes associated with the release of survey plans by your project management of the process.

How do consultants attain accreditation?

Apply using the accreditation model and application kit, and:

  • demonstrate to council through the submission of subsequent applications that have not required action notices to be issued, that they are proficient with the processes and project management associated the plan endorsement procedures to which they seek accreditation, and
  • have the required professional indemnity insurance.

Plan Seal accredited consultants

Name Email Phone
Brazier Motti 4772 1144
Milford Planning Consultants 4724 0095
RPS Group 4724 4244
Vision Surveys (QLD) Pty 0410

How does Plan Right - Plan Seal operate?

Plan Right - Plan Seal accredited consultants provide and certify that all relevant documentation required for the endorsement of a survey plan has been prepared and submitted with the application. The accredited consultant will also ensure all fees, charges and contributions have been paid prior to the lodgement of the application.

Consultant’s role

  • Arrange the early submission of any easement documents requiring council’s signature prior to the submission of the application for endorsement
  • Arrange the early submission of any CCTV footage for council’s review and acceptance prior to the submission of the application for endorsement
  • Complete all checklists and reports included in the online tools
  • Provide final completion or “on maintenance” certificate
  • Provide receipts as proof of payment of all fees and charges
  • Provide all necessary securities as conditioned
  • Provide survey plan for endorsement

Council’s role:

  • Facilitate the early signing of easement documents
  • Review all CCTV footage provided in advance of the submission of the application package
  • Review all documentation provided and internal checklist
  • Sign survey plan for release

What are the online tools council will provide?

How to submit applications

  • Other than the survey plan, all applications and relevant documentation is to be provided on a CD and submitted on the Ground Floor, 103 Walker Street, Planning and Development Counter.