Same Day Approvals & Duty Officers

To improve the Planning and Development customer experience, it was identified that certain low-risk applications could have their assessment timeframes significantly reduced by designing a streamlined process which utilises eligibility criteria. This has reduced the assessment timeframe from 10 business days to the same business day of lodging.

What are Same Day Approvals?

Council’s Planning and Development Department has a Same Day Approval process for low risk applications. Applications meeting certain criteria will be assessed, decided and a Decision Notice issued to the applicant within the day of lodgement. Applications that meet the criteria are eligible for a 50% reduction of the normal Referral Agency Response application fee.

About Duty Officers

To enhance Townsville residents’ development capacity, the Planning and Development Department offer in person and phone communication with Council Officers who specialise in the following professions:

  • Development planning
  • Environmental Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Open Space & Landscaping
  • Economic Activation
  • Hydraulics (Trade Waste)
  • Assets (Field Officer & Inspections).