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Townsville City Plan

We are proud to present the Townsville City Plan, which was formally adopted by council on 13 October 2014 and commenced on 27 October 2014, and is the first planning scheme for the amalgamated city. The Townsville City Plan looks at our city with a fresh perspective; it sets the vision and consistent plan for how Townsville should grow over the next 25 years. The Townsville City Plan can be viewed via ePlanning and Townsville City Plan Interactive Mapping Service.

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Infrastructure Charges Resolution

Different infrastructure charges resolutions apply to development approved under the Townsville City Plan. They enable development to be levied charges via an infrastructure charge notice. The relevant resolution is that in effect for the date of the development approval. The following explanatory notes, fact sheets and user guides and links to the developer contribution calculators are provided below.

Infrastructure Charges Resolution - Effective from 1 July 2016
Infrastructure Charges Resolution - Effective From 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016 Infrastructure Charges Resolution - Effective From 1 July 2011 To 30 June 2015

Contributions Calculators

Superseded Planning Schemes

Information and links to the Townsville City Plan 2005 (superseded) and the City of Thuringowa Planning Scheme 2003 (superseded) are now available to view on this page. These schemes include contribution calculators, superseded standard drawings, policies and other documentation.

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