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Are you bushfire prepared?

You don’t have to live in the bush to be threatened by bushfire, just close enough to be affected by burning material, embers and smoke. For Queensland residents, that can be just about anywhere. It’s time to get the mower out and maintain your property as we head into the drier months in North Queensland.

The Townsville area is traditionally dry and council encourages residents to make sure their properties aren’t overgrown and become a fire hazard and risk a fine. There is no excuse for overgrown and untidy properties, not only do these properties reduce the amenity of the area, but they are also a huge fire hazard and can attract vermin and in some cases reduce the visibility of motorists.

Rural Fire Service Queensland

Local rural fire brigades patrol areas across Townsville, and are often on the look-out for overgrown properties that are deemed a fire hazard. Residents in the Townsville area should follow the guidelines of the Rural Fire Service Queensland and clean up their yards and remove fire hazards.

The PREPARE.ACT.SURVIVE Information Guide is full of information that will help you to prepare your home and your family for bushfire season. It will assist you in making the decision to stay or to leave and will outline the steps you need to take as a result of your decision.

Please take time to sit down with your family and discuss your bushfire survival plan and what steps you will take to PREPARE.ACT.SURVIVE. this bushfire season.

Visit the Rural Fire Services website to find out more about preparing your home for potential bushfire threats.