Preparing your home for cyclones

Preparing Your Household

There are many things you can do to reduce your chances of becoming a victim during a disaster. Taking some simple precautions now before the onset of any natural hazard will help protect you, your family and your property.

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The 3x3 Plan

Survival is all about good planning. You need to ask yourself – could I survive 3 days without any help?  Follow the 3x3 Planning Checklist and be cyclone ready.

Preparing your emergency kit

Before the cyclone season you should make every effort to prepare yourself and your family by having your personal Emergency Plan in place and your Emergency Kit stocked and ready to go.

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Preparing your evacuation plan

The need to evacuate may be caused by a variety of hazards including storm tides, flooding and landslides. In the event of a cyclone, the best and safest place is usually your own home, or that of a friend or relative. It is important that you establish where you will relocate to if you and your household are required to evacuate before a disaster occurs.

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Animals in Disasters

It is up to you to plan ahead and to prepare for the safety and welfare of your pets, livestock or other farm animals well before a natural hazard affects your home or farm. By acting early, you will avoid unnecessary danger and anxiety. Although individual needs will vary, the following advice is intended to help you decide the best plan for your circumstances and region.

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Sandbagging your home and business

Sandbags placed in appropriate locations around your home or business can reduce the impact of flooding. Sandbags will not stop the water completely, but can reduce the amount of water that enters your property or home.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Queensland Government Department of Community Safety has a range of translated materials for use by local governments, other agencies and communities to help everyone make informed decisions and take appropriate steps in preparing for emergencies and natural disasters.  Visit the Queensland Government site for translated information on disaster preparation. Council also has two educational DVDs available to Townsville's migrant and Indigenous communities to better prepare for cyclone season.

Disaster Information DVD - ATSIC Version

Disaster Information DVD - Migrant Version