Storm Tide Evacuation Guide

You may need to evacuate your home due to a storm tide.

Are you cyclone ready?

The Storm Tide Evacuation Guide will assist you in determining if your property is at risk of inundation from a storm tide and whether evacuation is required. If you are not required to evacuate, your home is often the safest place for you.

As a local resident, council recommends that you:

  • Review the Storm Tide Evacuation Maps below to determine if your property is located in an evacuation zone. Maps are listed by suburb and can be viewed at street level by zooming in* or
  • Download or pick up a copy of the Storm Tide Evacuation Guide from one of council’s Customer Service Centres from Monday 3 November - (please note that more detailed mapping is available on the website)
  • Consider the tips contained in the guide for preparing a household emergency plan and emergency kit
  • Familiarise yourself with the local emergency contact details and radio station information.

If your residence is located in a coloured evacuation zone, your property may be inundated in a storm tide event. The height of the predicted storm tide during the disaster event will determine which zones will be affected.

Storm Tide Evacuation Guide - Local Government Area Map

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not located in a coloured evacuation zone, your suburb will not be shown on the detailed maps below.


*PLEASE NOTE >> The map above provides an overview only. Detailed map information by suburb is available in the list below.

How to read and use the storm tide evacuation maps

  1. Identify your suburb from the list below. If you are not located in a coloured evacuation zone, your suburb will not be shown on the detailed maps below.
  2. Double click the map and use the zoom in tool for further map detail. You should now be able to identify what zone you're in.
  3. If you are in one of the coloured zones, you may be at risk from storm tide flooding during cyclones.
  4. Identify your evacuation route to your pre-determined safer location.
  5. During a cyclone event tune into warnings, authorities will advise which zones need to evacuate.

Storm Tide Evacuation Maps - By Suburb

Suburb (Aitkenvale - Currajong Suburb (Garbutt - Picnic Bay) Suburb (Pimlico - Yabulu)
Aitkenvale (PDF 1.2MB) Garbutt (PDF 1.1MB) Pimlico (PDF 1.1MB)
Annandale  (PDF 1.1MB) Gulliver (PDF) Railway Estate (PDF 1MB)
Arcadia (PDF) Hermit Park (PDF 1MB) Rollingstone (PDF)
Balgal Beach (PDF) Horseshoe Bay (PDF) Rosslea (PDF)
Beach Holm (PDF) Hyde Park (PDF) Rowes Bay (PDF)
Belgian Gardens (PDF) Idalia (PDF) Saunders Beach (PDF)
Black River (PDF) Mount Louisa (PDF) South Townsville (PDF)
Bluewater (PDF) Mount Low (PDF) Toolakea (PDF)
Bohle (PDF) Mount St John (PDF) Toomulla (PDF)
Burdell  (PDF) Mundingburra (PDF 1MB) Townsville City (PDF)
Bushland Beach (PDF) Mysterton (PDF) Vincent (PDF 1.2MB)
Cape Cleveland - North (PDF) Nelly Bay (PDF) West End (PDF)
Cape Cleveland - South (PDF) Nome (PDF) West Point (PDF)
Cluden (PDF) North Ward (PDF) Wulguru (PDF)
Cosgrove (PDF) Oonoonba  (PDF) Yabulu (PDF)
Cungulla (PDF) Pallarenda (PDF)
Currajong (PDF) Picnic Bay (PDF)

Other Information

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