Grants & Funding

Townsville City Council's Community Grants and Sponsorships Scheme supports local initiatives and pursuits of excellence that enhance community wellbeing and opportunity via the provision of financial assistance to community organisations and individuals.

The objectives of the Community Grants and Sponsorships Scheme are to:

  • contribute towards community wellbeing for the residents of Townsville;
  • support major festivals, community events and celebrations which showcase Townsville’s talent and enhance community identity and pride and bring economic and tourism opportunities to the region;
  • encourage opportunities for participation in community life by the diverse range of groups which comprise Townsville’s community;
  • develop high quality and multi-use sporting, cultural and community infrastructure;
  • encourage achievement, and support the skill development of individuals and community organisations, in sport, cultural and community activities;
  • support community based organisations and corporate identities (and voluntary contributions) in the provision of sporting, recreational, cultural and community activities;
  • strengthen links with community organisations, businesses and other spheres of government, in areas of mutual interest; and,
  • enhance sustainability and planned economic development.

Please view the following pages for information about the specific grant programs.