What We Do

What We Do

Recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will require multiple industry and community sectors across North Queensland and all levels of government to work together. An integrated approach through a combined working taskforce across the North Queensland region will ensure Townsville and the North Queensland region continues to move forward locally, nationally and worldwide.

TaskforceNQ will be led by the north’s five local councils in collaboration with industry and community representatives across the region.

The North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NQROC), which represents the Burdekin, Charters Towers, Hinchinbrook, Palm Island and Townsville councils, will provide a clear united North Queensland voice and way forward for COVID recovery battleplans when representing North Queensland at the State and Federal levels.

What is TaskforceNQ?

Taskforce ChartThe purpose of the Taskforce is to coordinate and accelerate the health, social and economic recovery of Townsville and the greater North Queensland region from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the strategic attraction of investment and a considered focus on social connectivity, we will drive broader economic growth, create familiarity, attract decision-makers and visitors, and improve the quality of life for residents of the Townsville Community and greater North Queensland region.

The Taskforce will be coordinated by Townsville City Council and will link to State and Federal government taskforces and agencies.

TaskforceNQ will:

  • Coordinate the acceleration of the region as a united force.
  • Be a catalyst for generating and attracting investment, revenue and economic stimulus.
  • Deliver a bold new future for Townsville - with significant focus on progress through major infrastructure projects that create jobs and improve liveability.
  • Deliver people focussed solutions for the social recovery of the region.

strategies that are immediate and longer-term for the NQ region, residents and businesses including accessing all possible funding sources and programs to the benefit of the city and the community.

to be cognisant of COVID-19 and the consequential social, health and economic impacts, and is developed in conjunction with State and Federal governments and above all the community.

arrangements across the NQ region that are appropriate to deal with the ongoing challenge that recovery, building resilience and adaptive capacity, focusing on education and impact reduction strategies will present.

with Townsville City Council and responsible and related entities at State and Federal government levels, and with other local government authorities in the region.

through effective and timely engagement throughout the NQ region about plans for any changes to established services and or recovery initiatives.

to all those impacted by the virus and its consequential health, social and economic impacts by ensuring arrangements are in place to focus on the person.