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Healthy and Smart NQ

North Queensland is on the precipice of establishing itself as a global leader in tropical health and knowledge, a community dedicated to helping the world access, understand and benefit from breakthroughs and solutions in health and tropical science. Supported by world class digital connectivity, the region could have the ability to provide an excellence never seen before in health care to remote and equatorial neighbours. Building on its established health and knowledge precinct, remote services through robotic and innovative practices can enable patients to receive world class health care while remaining on country. Achieved through specialised ICT services, the mental and physical health of the entire regional community will be advanced contributing to a happier and healthier Queensland.

Projects such as TropiQ, are set to create benefits for the research and education sector with close collaboration with industry partners to:

  • Solve challenging problems, create new and innovative ways/methods for increased health care and develop practical outcomes to support and conserve the tropics
  • Provide access to a knowledge intense environment with expert knowledge and skills. Create long-term strategic partnerships with connections to local, national and international networks.
Investment - $1.28BConstruction Jobs - 3,082Ongoing Jobs - 2,984Indirect Jobs - 5,447

Content accurate as of July 2020.

Provision of care while remaining at home, and more importantly on country, will enable the region to become a leader in holistic and preventative health care. Providing services, and most importantly a connection to community, is key to supporting and in some cases preventing mental health issues. Creation of a strong social fabric that is intertwined with strategic health support is the most critical element to supporting a mentally healthy region.

  • Charters Towers Hospital and Services Upgrades (Eventide, Scanner and Renal Upgrades)
  • Charters Towers Hospital Redevelopment
  • Co-located Government Agencies for Providing Support to Victims of Domestic and Family Violence
  • Community Support Services Co-location for Support to Victims of Domestic and Family Violence
  • Complex Case Management for Mental Health
  • Ingham Hospital and Services Upgrades (Emergency Department, Scanner and Renal Services Upgrades)
  • Kirwan Health Campus Redevelopment
  • NQ ICT Centre of Excellence
  • Simulation Training Centre - Joint Venture (Private and Public Investment)
  • STEMBooster
  • Townsville Connect
  • Townsville University Hospital – Delivery of Stage 1 of Masterplan
  • Townsville University Hospital Upgrades
  • TropiQ Enabling Infrastructure