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Integrated Advanced Industrial, Manufacturing, Defence and Primary Resources Future

Integrated Advanced Industrial, Manufacturing, Defence and Primary Resources Future

COVID-19 has brought into stark reality Australia’s reliance on international supply and concerns around the ability to continue exporting to some regions of the globe. Evolution of supply chains to increase onshore value add across the full production process is critical to changing North Australia’s reliance on imports. An integrated industrial, manufacturing and primary resources future in North Queensland supports revaluating nearshore opportunities to enable growth and continuity and expansion of export markets which capitalise on our strategic geographic location to our trading partners in Asia.

Decarbonisation of the economy is important to limiting global warming and reduce carbon emissions to less than half by 2050. Industries of the future powered by renewable sources that remove carbon from the energy chain must be the focus for Australia. Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct will be Australia’s first large scale advanced manufacturing site, with industry producing goods that will enhance Australia’s standing in sustainable practices, that in turn grow the economy including the establishment of a NQ Hydrogen Hub.

Investment in enabling infrastructure to unlock Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct will expedite the establishment of:

  • renewable energy production through solar and hydrogen production (Edify Energy)
  • a battery manufacturing plant (Imperium 3)
  • a refining facility making components for battery products (Pure Minerals)
  • advanced plastics and food manufacturing industries.

Development of these industries in North Queensland will immediately attract supply chain providers and supporting supply industries. Facilitating development of the Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor then provides a direct link to nearshore and export supply chains and facilitates further product through the Port of Townsville. All investment in enabling infrastructure through the Southern Industrial Development Corridor will continue to show a return by unlocking smaller advanced industries establishing throughout the region including Ayr and Charters Towers.

As global food demand increases, protection and security of sources becomes critical. This is especially true for Australia whose reliance on imported products has been put into the spotlight with the global pandemic. Investment into water security through the Haughton Water Pipeline - Stage 2, Burdekin Dam Wall Raising and Hells Gate Dam, will support securing a food future for Queensland through support of primary production and advanced manufacturing.

Consideration for Australia to become a self-sustaining country that supports itself and surrounding neighbours will only occur through investment into regional security through the joint amphibious force capability and securing a secure 90-day fuel supply – with fuel primarily through renewable sources.

Investment - $1.61B*Construction Jobs - 5,128Ongoing Jobs - 1,937Indirect Jobs - 21,056

* Does not include the large projects below

Content accurate as of July 2020.

Unemployment creates a loss of valuable productive resources to the community, which is exacerbated in rural and regional areas as the businesses that rely on family expenditure is reduced.

For most individuals, working improves general health and wellbeing and reduces psychological distress. Long term work absence, unemployment and work disability creates flow on impacts to individuals, families and communities.

Immediate investment into formalising the region as an advanced industrial, manufacturing and agricultural powerhouse will have a positive impact towards mental health and personal security for the broader region.

  • Ayr Industrial Land
  • Burdekin Dam Wall Raising
  • Charters Towers Flinders Highway (777 Block)
  • Fuel Storage and Distribution Centre
  • Haughton Water Pipeline - Stage 2
  • Lansdown Eco-Industrial Estate
  • Port of Townsville Expansion of Perimeter Rock Wall
  • Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor

  • ADF Joint Amphibious Force Capability
  • CopperString 2.0 Power Transmission Line
  • Hells Gate Dam (including Big Rocks Weir)