Tropical Energy Saver Toolkit

Tropical Energy Saver Toolkits

You may have noticed that electricity prices have gone up over the past few years. The best way to shield yourself from these price increases is to use energy more efficiently.

How do I measure my energy usage?

Reducing your electricity use is a little like being a detective. You need to look for clues about why your electricity bill is as large as it is and then decide on practical ways to reduce your bill without disrupting your way of life.

Information sheets and the energy monitoring equipment provided in the Tropical Energy Saver Toolkit will help you to understand why you pay as much as you do for electricity, and hopefully help you in make decisions that could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

What’s in the TEST kit?

TEST items:

Power-Mate™ Appliance Meter

This handy device measures how much electricity various appliances, such as the kettle, fridge and television, are using in your home. By recording some of the readings on the enclosed worksheet you can work out how much different appliances cost to run and how much you could save if you use the appliances efficiently.

Infrared Thermometer

The infrared radiometer measures the surface temperature of whatever it is pointing at. This can be useful for finding hot or cold spots where energy is being wasted through walls, ceilings, floors, hot water cylinders, fridges, etc. It is very simple to operate: just point at the surface and pull the trigger, the temperature will show on the screen. A hot wall could use better insulation.

Fridge/Freezer Thermometer

If a fridge is too cold, a lettuce can become a wilted soggy mess, and when milk gets too warm it can spoil.

Similarly, a freezer that is too cold takes more energy to run and a freezer that is too warm reduces the amount of time you can store frozen foods. Using a thermometer helps you to measure and control the temperature and is more accurate than setting the dial on your fridge or freezer.


You may notice your power bill increase when you have longer hot showers. Combined with the energy saving activity on the worksheet, the stopwatch will help you work out how much hot water you use per minute. The stopwatch can be used to time and measure the flow of water from your shower.


The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Use your compass to find out where the heat from the sun is coming from throughout the day. You can then respond by using items such as curtains, shade cloth and energy saving paint to reduce the effects of the sun’s heat on your home, business or school; or to capitalise on the sun’s power, for instance, by installing solar panels.

Power-Mate for Tropical Energy Saver ToolkitInfrared Thermometer included in the Tropical Energy Saver Toolkit available via CityLibraries Townsville.Fridge/Freezer Thermometer included in the Tropical Energy Saver Toolkit available via CityLibraries Townsville.
 Stopwatch included in the Tropical Energy Saver Toolkit available via CityLibraries Townsville. Compass  included in the Tropical Energy Saver Toolkit available via CityLibraries Townsville. 

Where can I get a TEST kit?

Contact CityLibraries Townsville or drop in to your local library branch to reserve a Tropical Energy Saver Toolkit.

This project is proudly funded by the Ergon Energy Community Fund. For more great energy saving tips visit the Ergon Energy website.