What Will I Read Next?

Townsville Reads is about connecting our community with reading. Would you like help choosing your next read? Your library staff have gathered these reading resources for you and are happy to help you. Share your favourites online with #tsvreads

Readers' sites

Rainbow Connections eBook

The Rainbow Connections eBook contains links to our collection of LGBTI books and resources. Many of the books feature LGBTI characters and topics. By supporting inclusivity and diversity we hope to enable you to make connections, share information, discuss important issues and to feel welcome at your library. View online

Download the Rainbow Connections eBook (PDF 4MB)

Dementia Awareness

This eBook contains links to dementia awareness books and health databases in CityLibraries Townsville's collection, as well as links to useful online resources including organisations and apps. View online

Download the Dementia Awareness eBook (PDF 3MB)

Mood Boosting Books

Discover Mood Boosting Books for Mental Health. The Reading Well Mood Boosting Books scheme is a promotion of uplifting novels and non-fiction titles selected by readers. View the Mood Boosting Books shelf on Goodreads .

Download Mood Boosting Books for Mental Health (PDF 3MB)

Great Summer Reads

Great Summer Reads is here! We’ve got hot new titles and staff favourites for your summer holidays. Check out the Great Summer Reads shelf on Goodreads.

Cancer Wellness information

This booklet contains links to cancer-related print books, digital magazines and health databases in CityLibraries Townsville's collection, as well as links to some useful websites. View online.

Download the Cancer Wellness - Ask us eBook (PDF 1.8MB)

Beyond The Rosie Project

Check out the Beyond The Rosie Project bookshelf on Goodreads.

Beyond The Lavender Keeper

Five librarians across Queensland and New Zealand created a reading map for everyone who loves Fiona McIntosh's The Lavender Keeper and its sequel The French Promise. Reserve directly from the booklet. View online.

Download the Beyond The Lavender Keeper Reading Map (PDF 2.3MB)

Beyond Chocolat

Librarian Alison Miles and Chef Polly Ross led a tempting exploration of books on food, relationships and cooking classes. Reserve directly from the reading map booklet. View online

Download the Beyond Chocolat Reading Map (PDF3.8MB)

Good Reading

Good Reading is an Australian family-owned monthly magazine and website dedicated to books and reading. Visit their website

Check out these interactive sites for readers, and more on the Childrens and Young Adults site.


Discover interactive sites, review sites and award sites for readers on CityLibraries Diigo For Readers bookmarks.

Apps for readers

The following apps are available for download through the App Store and Google Play

  • Goodreads
  • Zinio eMagazines
  • Borrowbox eBooks and eAudiobooks
  • Love2Read Australia

For help finding something good to read, ask your friendly library staff.