Blue Bottles

Blue Bottles - Erica Gray - Wire, ducting, plastic, fabric, solar lights 

Erica Gray

Blue Bottles

Wire, ducting, plastic, fabric, solar lights

Various dimensions

Image courtesy of the Artist

About the Work

As a tween, I’d run along the shoreline loving the popping sound of the sundried jellies under my heels. For me, it was the sound of summer; the fun times enjoyed with family and friends down at the beach.

About the Artist

Initially influenced by garment design and construction processes. I now utilise similar principles to produce my soft sculpture works. Pieces that often contain reference to personal experiences as well as a concern for humanity and our environment. Often anthropomorphic sculptures comprising a blend of synthetic fabrics, artificial lighting or Augmented visual layers as well as a variety of reflective materials. Works often layered with meaning, through to pieces designed to play on emotions; works that toy with childhood memories and growing up, holiday adventures, a love of animals as well as the fun times amongst family and friends.

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