Brain Fade

Brain Fade - Jane Hawkins, Sally Munns, Rhonda Payne - PVC pipe, PVC connectors, storm flex drainage pipe, LED lights, cable pliers 

Jane Hawkins, Sally Munns, Rhonda Payne

Brain Fade

PVC pipe, PVC connectors, storm flex drainage pipe, LED lights, cable pliers

300 x 500 x 500 cm

Photography: Andrew Rankin Photography

About the Work

The work takes a popular form from the Great Barrier Reef, brain coral, and draws a comparison between coral bleaching and the human brain damaged by dementia (a topic close to our hearts as collectively our mothers suffer from this progressive disease). The viewers’ attention is drawn to these changes through changing patterns and colours of light within the form, with the healthy sections in vibrant colour and the rest white, referencing coral bleaching and the depleted memory and cognitive ability associated with dementia.

About the Artist

Jane Hawkins, MCA, Sally Munns, BA(Hons) and Rhonda Payne, BVA(Hons) were born in North Queensland and have spent most of their careers working in the arts/education sector. This team exhibited together in the last two Strand Ephemeras (Highly Commended in 2019), while Jane also exhibited in the first three Strand Ephemeras.

Jane Hawkins is best known for her life-size bronze figures, including the Johnathan Thurston statue, although her personal practice includes a diverse range of 3D materials, with a focus on natural forms.  Drawing, painting, photography, digital media, jewellery and ceramics demonstrate the breadth of Sally Munns’ teaching practice. Her own practice includes working with found objects and creating sculptural installations.

Rhonda Payne is a proficient portraitist, with commissions that include Prof. Colin Roderick and Prof. Bill Williams. Her preferred practice is drawing in mixed media on non-traditional supports such as sails, drawing inspiration from local people and places.

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