Foreigner - Christopher Trotter 

Christopher Trotter


Found objects

400 x 220 x 220 cm

Not For Sale

Winner - Acquisitive Prize

Image courtesy of the Artist

About the Work

Although this artwork has apparated in my imagination and, in various iterations for well over 20 years, the timing of its physical presence is serendipitous to world issues. The artwork is inspired by bio-security threats into Australia including foreign bodies and mutations as well as invasive life forms such as the Asian Tiger Mosquito and Fire ants. Sustainability references are self-explanatory using recycled materials. The artwork has a night-time presence that is inspired by the flashing boating beacons off the coast of Townsville.  The artwork supports my recent 'Foreign Body' series as well as my long standing 'Yellow Period’.

About the Artist

Born in August 1967 -Brisbane Australia.  Trotter’s professional art practice began in 1990 exhibiting in galleries along the east coast of Australia. However, by 1994 he found himself focusing on the creation of multi scaled public artworks. Using his architectural training and knowledge, Trotter has produced works that are innovative and engaging. Not only does he create high impact art pieces, but he also can create intimate discovery works that engage and delight. Since 1994 Trotter has created over 50 public works for government, councils, universities, and developers. Many works have been commissioned as high impact tools for the promotion of sustainability and cultural tourism.  In 2001 and 2003 he had solo exhibitions in Tokyo and more recently World Expo - Shanghai 2010 commission, Tokyo Bay 2020/21.