I wish you were here

I wish you were here - Carla Gottgens- Digitally printed self-adhesive vinyl, acrylic sheet, steel  

Carla Gottgens

I wish you were here

Digitally printed self-adhesive vinyl, acrylic sheet, steel

100 x 100 x 100 cm each


Image courtesy of the Artist

About the Work

I wish you were here merges a pixelated computer view with reality. 2020 saw many of us connecting with loved ones and taking virtual journeys to far-flung places through our computer screens. The digital view, while sometimes a welcome relief, was never ideal, with the digital view often freezing, breaking up into pixels or completely disappearing. I wish you were here takes that stereotypical “postcard” scene of palm trees and beach and creates an optical illusion that "breaks up" the real life visual experience with a digital hiccup.

About the Artist

Gottgens is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores ways to bring photography out of the gallery space and into the physical world with installation and sculptural work. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts in NSW and a Masters of Photography at RMIT in VIC. Her artworks include sculpture, mural art and interactive installations. Carla is regularly commissioned by councils across Australia to create site-specific artworks. Her primary inspiration comes from her love of games and puzzles and how visitors can approach and experience her art in a playful and imaginative way. In 2020, despite a COVID lockdown in her state, Gottgens was commissioned for 3 mural artworks, 2 permanent sculptural works and 3 residencies with community organisations. Her sculptural work has won awards in Swell Sculpture, Sculpture on the Greens in Wyong, NSW, the indoor prize at Lorne Sculpture Triennial, Toorak Village Sculpture Award and Brighton Jetty Classic. She has exhibited at Strand Ephemera five times.