Monuments - Craig Walsh - Projection installation. Various dimensions.  Image courtesy of White Night 

Craig Walsh


Projection installation

Various dimensions

Image courtesy of White Night

About the Work

Monuments aims to challenge traditional expectations of public monuments and the selective history represented in our civic spaces. Cleverly deconstructing its own definition by humanising the monument, there is a temporary fusion of everyday individuals with other living species occupying shared areas. This process undermining the permanent historical and public art models so often controlled by subjective motivations; Monuments recognises the infinite contributions which influence our understanding of place.

About the Artist

Over the last 30 years, Australian artist Craig Walsh has become widely known Internationally for his pioneering approaches to site-responsive installations, sculpture, and projection mapping in unconventional sites. His works have animated natural and built environments and features such as trees, rivers, and mountains, as well as public art projects in urban and architectural space. He is also renowned for his site interventions at live events, including iconic works at music and cultural festivals across Australia and internationally.

Craig’s work remains distinctive for its conceptual underpinnings and deftly woven narrative. Over recent years he has extended his site responsive expertise into work with diverse communities, enabling large-scale participation as collaborators in contemporary art projects and public art.