Pollut-Ants - Marcia Bird - Plastic waste, found objects, wire 

Marcia Bird


Plastic waste, found objects, wire

50 x 300 x 300 cm

Photography: Andrew Rankin Photography

About the Work

This artwork is constructed of predominately plastic waste, collected from everyday use, wrapped, stitched, and woven over a wire frame.  Pollut-Ant is an observation of the emerging effect plastics and microplastics are having on the ecology.  The Pollut-Ants are seemingly building their nest with plastics being dredged up from the soil, whilst the Ants themselves have become what they consume.  Some of the plastics have been altered and added in, as a symbol of hope that nature will find a way to adapt and survive.

About the Artist

Marcia Bird is a Cairns artist and sculptor.  She uses traditional basketry techniques to create both sculptural and functional forms. She is an exhibiting member of the Kuranda Arts Co-operative and a facilitator with the Saltwater Creek Basketry Group.

Bird has exhibited widely including Sculpture Botanica, Cairns, Fringe Ephemera, Townsville, the Tanks Art Centre and Tableland Regional Gallery.