Ragnar V Moby

Ragnar V Moby - Robert Guenther -  Recycled timber 

Robert Guenther

Ragnar V Moby

Recycled timber

300 x 240 x 1000 cm


Image courtesy of the Artist

About the Work

This sculpture has its origin in the ancient Indian Parable of the 'Three Blind men and the Elephant'. Having never been exposed to such a creature, three men arrive at a different part of the animal and create a truth around "what it is". They do not investigate further or discuss but rather hold firmer to their interpretation, accusing the others of lying. For me, this parable is reflected in today’s world of news and social media. We are often only given a snippet of information, and from this we are creating beliefs. A picture of the prow on Instagram would leave the viewer believing a ship exists. Alternatively, having the whale tail posted, would leave one to think the skeletal remains of such a creature have washed up. They are both part of the truth, but not the whole truth.

About the Artist

I make beautifully sculptured furniture through my business Woodlust Design. It is usually very curvaceous and flowing but now and then - it is just plain quirky.  I thought I had found my niche in woodwork and design. However, during an arts trial in my hometown, I found people referring to my creations as art. It seemed an artist path was calling. So, after spending so long giving function equal billing to form, it was a delight to focus purely on form. This new journey is only in its infancy. At SWELL 2020 on the Gold Coast, I received the Emerging Artist Award.