Reef in grief

Reef in grief - Art for ART sake -  Recycled Plastics 

Art for ART sake

Reef in grief

Recycled Plastics

150 x 300 x 600 cm


Image courtesy of the Artist

About the Work

Coral reefs are a food source for a myriad of marine species, threatened by rising sea temperatures, micro plastics and waste cast irresponsibly into our oceans.  Enter these caves - sit and ponder the messages discovered inside about the challenges facing our reef.

About the Artist

Artists Yanni Van Zijl and Pam Walpole collaborate to combine their two passions - Art and the environment.  Their aim - to create a vibrant, creative voice for people in public spaces, making art in public places. Many carry a strong environmental message. They use discarded materials to further enforce the vital message needed to educate the community - to interact with the work appealing to both young and old.   They have created site specific work for festivals, but they may also pop up around beaches, National parks, busy streets - often where the viewer least expects it. Sometimes it is there for an hour, a day, a week when it is photographed, documented, and posted on social media.