Replicate Simulate Conserve

Replicate Simulate Conserve - Ryan Catholic College - Galvanized aluminum armature, found and recycled objects 

Ryan Catholic College

Replicate Simulate Conserve

Galvanized aluminum armature, found and recycled objects

210 x 450 (3 with 90cm space between) x 4.5 cm

$5,000 per panel (6 panels), total $30,000

Photography: Andrew Rankin Photography

About the Work

As artists we respond to our environment and contemporary socio/political contexts. Replicate, Simulate, Conserve is a 3 panelled sculpture assembled with recycled materials sourced from our local community. The three panels mimic and replicate a triptych vista of the Strand across to Magnetic Island, on the reverse side a view of Castle Hill above the Strand. QR codes embedded within the artwork connect the audience with local history, culture, geographic and environmental features. This sculpture challenges the viewer to reflect upon our consumer lifestyle prompting a shift to sustainable choices. Replicate, Simulate, Conserve communicates a connection between our consumer lifestyle and our future choices. We pose the questions ‘Are we willing to accept a simulation of the natural world outside?’ 'Will we make a decision to act and conserve the natural environment?'.

Ephemera is an opportunity for the Ryan Catholic College community to participate in this local iconic art event.

About the Artist

As a small diverse group of student artists, the 2021 year 12 Visual Arts in Practice students at Ryan Catholic College are determined to make a difference. Guided by their teacher Melissa Ballard, each student has contributed to the strength of our commitment to raise awareness and create change in our consumerist habits. Characterising the Emmaus story through this creative journey the students have committed their service and led our community to gather resources, organise workshops and make this sculptural artwork. Many of the resources for this sculpture were donated for repurpose by parents, teachers and parish members. Additional materials were purchased from Tangaroa Blue Foundation an Australia wide not for profit organisation that is dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris.

At Ryan Catholic College we are committed to journey as a community in service to ourselves and each other for a sustainable future.