Scarewood - Tree & Leaf - Mixed media 

Tree & Leaf


Mixed media

240 x 180 x 60 cm

Image courtesy of the Artist

About the Work

Foolish humans, you have raised the ire of Scarewood with your incessant noise along my peaceful beach promenade. Awoken from my slumber with the axing of fellow figs and the rustling of your seedlings. What are these scratchings on me? Why must you carve me? That was my best branch! Who is MORRIS 2001? What is this LG that you speak of? Enough! Over the next ten days, heed my warnings.

Projection times

Friday and Saturday during Ephemera 2021
6:30 – 7:30pm

About the Artist

Tree and Leaf is an artistic duo comprised of Michael Pope and Aaron Ashley. Scarewood marks the first collaboration between two emerging Townsville creatives. Michael Pope is an artist and teacher who works within the Townsville region. Pope predominately works in drawing mediums and sculpture forms. He is the co-founder of Urban Sketchers Townsville. Aaron Ashley is an interdisciplinary artist blending traditional and audio-visual mediums. Ashley has exhibited in Strand Ephemera in 2011 and 2015 and does work about perspectives, narratives, and social issues.